EDUCATION: Bachelor of Art (Government) - Oberlin College 1970

                  Juris Doctor (Law) - University of Wisconsin 1974 

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, and Italian


  • Present - 2004: Private Mediator of Worker’s Compensation, Insurance, and Civil Disputes. Has mediated and settled over 60 worker’s comp and civil disputes as a private mediator. 
  • 1994-2004: Administrative Law Judge - State of Wisconsin, Department of Workforce Development. Adjudicated disputed worker’s compensation claims. Has heard and issued over 300 orders and settled over 400 cases at settlement conferences or prehearings.
PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: Wisconsin Association of Worker’s Compensation Attorneys (WAWCA) and the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section (ADR) of the State Bar of Wisconsin. 


  • Current - Full-time arbitrator and mediator.  Has issued over 400 awards.
  • 2004-1994-Arbitrator/Mediator - Administrative law Judge Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.
  • 1981-1994: Arbitrator/Mediator/Hearing Examiner for the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission. Heard 200 (150 public sector and 50 private sector) arbitrations and mediated 100 grievances. Handled 270 interest arbitrations and mediations under state public employment labor law and state, municipal and law enforcement/firefighter labor relations acts. Adjunct Professor: UW-Parkside (1990) – Taught graduate course in Municipal Employment Law. Mediator (1989) with Wisconsin Farm Mediation Program. Trained various employer and union groups in arbitration. 
  • 1980-81: Labor Attorney, Green, Schiavoni, Haines, & Sgambati Law Firm, Youngstown, Ohio. 1977-1980: Attorney, Campbell & Sturm, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, specializing in labor, employment, and administrative law. 
  • 1977-1980: Attorney, Campbell & Sturm, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, specializing in labor, employment, and administrative law.
  • 1974-1977: Staff Attorney, National Labor Relations Board (Regions 5 and 30). 

PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS: National Academy of Arbitrators (NAA); American Arbitration Association (AAA); Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS); National Mediation Board; Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission (WERC); Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services Ad Hoc Arbitration Panel (BMS) 1994-5/2009; Iowa Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) Panel; ADR and Labor Law Sections – State Bar of Wisconsin. 

PERMANENT PANELS: State of Illinois and AFSCME Council 31 Regular and Priority Panels (1994-5/2009); Expedited Arbitration Panel for United States Postal Service and Mail Handlers Union; Chicago Transit Authorit and Amalgamated Transit Unions Local 241 and 308 (Private Umpire); The FirstEnergy Corporation and local 270 and 270 Perry Technicians of the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA). 

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Over 29 years of mediation and arbitration experience. Has issued about 500 labor arbitration awards involving the full range of employment and contractual issues. Thirteen years with the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission as an arbitrator, mediator, consensus bargaining facilitator - and hearing examiner. Heard over 200 arbitrations and mediated 100 grievances, (150 public sector arbitrations and 70 private sector arbitrations). While at WERC, also handled over 275 interest-arbitrations cases as a mediator. Since leaving the WERC, handled 15 interest arbitrations as an arbitrator in Wisconsin and Minnesota, disputes as a fact finder and hearing examiner or appeal examiner in employment arbitrations. 

Public sector arbitration cases have involved state, county, and municipal clerical employees, courthouse personnel, custodians, firefighters, law enforcement personnel (both dispatchers and deputies, police and correctional officers), nurses, state, county, and municipal professional employees such as librarians, social workers, psychologists and accountants, blue collar employees such as highway and public works employees, utility and sewage employees, sanitation employees, truck drivers, transit employees, equipment operators, craft employees, technical employees, and employees in the education area including state universities and school districts involving teachers and other educational professionals, and educational support staff such as secretaries, aides, bus drivers, and food service workers. 

Private sector industries include agriculture, bakery, banking and credit unions, carpentry, energy, chemical, communications, construction, dairy, food processing, foundry, hospitals and nursing homes, lumber, manufacturing, metal fabrication, maritime/shipbuilding and dry/dock, newspapers, non-profit agencies, private education, printing and publishing, trucking and storage, waste management. 

ARBITRATION EXPERIENCE: Substantive and procedural arbitrability, contract interpretation/application involving past practice and bargaining history, seniority/ability, transfer, lay-off, bumping, recall, job bid/posting/upgrading, subcontracting, supervisors and non-bargaining unit employees performing bargaining unit work, scheduling of work, management rights, use and misuse of vacation, sick leave and holiday pay, wages/rates of pay, incentives, retiree benefits, overtime, past practice discipline and discharge cases involving but not limited to absenteeism, FMLA, alcohol and drug use, last chance agreements, picket line misconduct and reinstatement, and demotion.