Fee Schedule 

Labor and Non-Worker's Comp Civil Mediation

  • Fee: The fee is $1,200.00 per 8-hour day, minimum of one eight-hour day charged. Fee is pro-rated where the day of mediation and travel extend beyond eight full hours.  Additional travel occurring outside the eight-hour day of hearing is pro-rated at the per diem rate.  Study which does not take place the day of the mediation is pro-rated accordingly.
  • Cancellation Fee: A cancellation fee of $600 for postponements or cancellations within thirty (30) calendar days of the hearing.  A cancellation fee of $1200 is charged for cases cancelled or postponed within 7 calendar days of hearing.
  • Expenses: Actual cost of reasonable expenses, including airfare and penalties for unused tickets purchased within 14 calendar days of hearing; hotels; car rental; and meals. Automobile mileage for personal car is charged at the applicable IRS expense rate.   Postage and phone, if extra-ordinary,to be reimbursed also.
  • Travel: Charged from my Madison Wisconsin office.
Worker's Comp Mediation
  • Fee: $1000.00 per 8-hour day.  No charge for study.  Travel or mediation time in excess thereof prorated.  One day minimum for mediation appearance.
  • Expenses: Actual cost of hotels, meals, and travel is charged as well as mileage at the IRS rate from my Madison Wisconsin office. Postage and phone, only if extraordinary.